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Anna Hat


Anna Hat

anna hat.jpg
anna hat.jpg

Anna Hat


Even when it's not quite time to cut ice and build snowmen, the forests of Arendelle get pretty chilly at night. This time of year, we like to spend our evenings curled up on the couch with some thick blankets and one of our favorite musical movies. But if you happen to be a brave princess, and your elder sister's newfound magical powers throw the whole town into chaos, you may have to venture outside to help her out. Sorry! Somebody needs to do it, and we're pretty comfy over here drinking hot cocoa and singing along.

Here, try on this hat. Whether you're trick-or-treating as Anna or hanging out with Olaf in the snowy season, the soft yarn of the cap and braids will do their best to make sure that the cold never bothers you. Just hurry! It looks like a little of your hair is already starting to freeze!

  • Knitted of soft 100% acrylic yarn

  • Edged w/ strip of lavender velour

  • Yarn braid dangles from each side
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