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Ravenclaw House Robe

Harry Potter

Ravenclaw House Robe

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Ravenclaw Robe.jpg
raven claw childs .jpg

Ravenclaw House Robe

from 26.95

Welcome to Ravenclaw House! We're very pleased you're here with us! As you should already know, we're the smart ones. In short, you're in the best intellectual company that Hogwarts has to offer. We like to keep quiet study hours in the evenings, and we have a regular group that goes to the library as well. Beyond that you'll notice a host of projects in-the-works at all times. Don't worry, a little bit of experimentation is important for developing good magic... and our Head, Professor Flitwick, checks up on us often. And of course, by tomorrow, you'll want to get into your proper robes for classes. All of it should be in the bedrooms with the rest of your things. Make sure you remember your Replica Ravenclaw Robe for sure. It's the black robe, lined in blue with hood and Ravenclaw patch embroidered on the front. Heavens no, the robes are standard issue for all Hogwarts students and there will be no modification of any sort, no matter how creative your idea is


Luna : They're called Thestrals. They're quite gentle, really... But people avoid them because they're a bit..." Harry: "Different. But why can't the others see them?" Luna: "They can only be seen by people who've seen death." We think being a little...different...can be a good thing. Don’t believe us? Oh, that’s right, Luna walks barefoot, at least when she goes to feed the Thestrals. But we know for a fact that she wears shoes to bed because she sleepwalks, so you could try that. Any real Harry Potter fan knows that Luna is amazing and that her unique identity often leads to serious heroics, like when she rescues Harry from underneath the invisibility cloak on the Hogwart’s Express while searching for Wrackspurts. When you wear this costume, you can get a pair of Spectrespecs for yourself and instantly become an indispensable member of any crew at any party. Of course, you know that once you don this Ravenclaw robe in Luna’s name, it’s time to join Dumbledore’s Army. But we’re not worried; you’re brave and brilliant and able to conjure your fully formed rabbit Patronus easily. As Luna so wisely reminds us, “the things we lose come back to us in the end.” Now, where’s that pudding.



  • Adult Standard fits up to a size 44 jacket.
  • Adult Standard fits up to a size 46 jacket.
  • Child's small fits 4-6.
  • Child's medium fits 8-10.
  • Child's large fits 10-12.
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