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Tri-Color Bruise by Mehron

Special FX Makeup and Blood

We offer a variety of costumes, accessories, shoes, wigs, special FX makeup, and more!  

We are in the process of rebuilding our website, so if there is anything in particular you are looking for or simply have any question.  Please feel free to contact us.  

You can contact us in several different ways:

By calling us our store at (253)588-6062

Emailing us at

Or by messaging us through facebook page:


Tri-Color Bruise by Mehron

tri color bruise.jpg
tri color bruise.jpg

Tri-Color Bruise by Mehron


Create painful looking bruises with the Bruised Tri-Color Palette. It includes three different colors, a two-sided brush, and easy to follow instructions. Perfect for a zombie character ensemble. Trick friends into believing you were involved in a bad brawl. 

This oil based make up is great for a variety of different looks!  Don't forget the setting powder to complete and set the look! 

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