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Adult Valkyrie Costume

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Adult Valkyrie Costume

Valkrie Costume.jpg
Valkrie Costume.jpg

Adult Valkyrie Costume


When many think of epic warriors, brave and bold, and the decisive individuals who make or break a lasting battle, often the ideas brought to bear are of muscled men and raging barbarians. No doubt, those Viking hero style warriors are nothing to be sniffed at, but a warrior and a warrior deity are two different things! Viking fighters fought as hard as they could not only to win the battle… but to win the favor of the ones who had the real power on the battlefield: the Valkyries!

Soaring through the air and skilled in combat far beyond that of mere mortal men, the Valkeries were the ones who choose which warriors on the field really had the stuff to turn the tide of the greatest battle. Ragnarok is always on the cusp of happening and these chosen of Odin are the ones who handpick who will be feasting before the final battle and who will just go away!

Take up your spear, mighty warrior woman, for you are sure to make the wishes of the mere mortals come true when you burst through the door in this Deluxe Valkyrie costume and decide who is worthy of the gates of Valhalla! The sleeveless dress and cape show your regal strength and the printed armor bodice reveals that you are always ready to win the next round of combat. Your gauntlets and bicep band armor give you the final feminine warrior look, unless you are ready to gear up with additional weaponry, too! Uncork the mead and get those weapons ready for battle, because we're sure this night is going to be one of legendary proportions! For Odin! To Ragnarok! Victory!

This costume includes:

  • Dress with Attached Cape and Bandolier
  • Belt
  • Pair of Arm Bands
  • Pair of Gauntlets
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